Hi My name is Janice Bridges, from beautiful North Queensland , Australia, where you wake up every morning in paradise.
Making my own jewellery gave me the ability to match what ever I chose to wear that day, to the perfect accessory. My love of colour was the incentive to play and experiment until I created the uniquely beautiful creation to wear and would complete every outfit.

A few years ago I attempted to use that same ability to create my unique Jewellery Art Pieces. With a touch of colour, some antique and modern jewellery, along with a few glittering rings; my creative mind went to work.
Each piece is wonderfully different from the next, while at the same time, they capture the sparkle and glitz of what I have created.

All my Art pieces are made to fit into a free standing frame that can be easily moved from one place to another, with ease.

My wearable jewellery is made for the girl on the go with the ease of " Easy on, Easy off " fittings.
Every item is mix and match and available in a variety of other colours.

When I am not fiddling around with exciting new pieces of jewellery I am sitting at my computer writing.
I write Historical Novels, along with a couple of Contemporary, Adventure, Western, and all with a romantic element. If you would like to purchase one those books that have been published, you will find an icon you can press which will take you through to a supplier of the format type of book, you prefer to read. You can also receive a sample for you to trial read.
I am also in the process of turning my books into Audio books, so if you prefer to listen, press the audio link and it will send you though to the publisher.

In my down time, I am a Wildlife mum … a real live wildlife warrior. It is nothing to find baby joeys in my lounge rooms, bottle sterilisers in my kitchen, possum boxes on my front veranda and a menagerie of birdlife, calling to be fed.

Who said life wasn’t meant to be easy?

Thank you for looking